Working on Dividers

I felt like I needed dividers for my journal so it would be easier to find things I needed. So I set out on a quest to create dividers for my journal.

Next I rounded up my materials for this task.

I chose to use a ruler, a sharpie, a paper cutter, a hand held

hole punch, and a piece of paper with the same hole punch as my journal to use as a pattern, and a sheet of mylar plastic from 11× to cut them from.  (I tried to cut them with my silhouette cutter but my blade was too dull.)




Full sheets of the Mylar Presentation Covers can be found here:


Clear Frost

Green Tint

Blue Tint

Red Tint

Next I measured my papers in my journal and added an extra bit to the top for the top tabs or on the side for side tabs.


Then used my paper cutter to cut it to the correct size. My planner is an A5 size which is super close to 5.5″x8.5″ or half of letter size.


Next I used a sheet from my planner to lay on top of the plastic as a template for the hole punches.


Then take a pair of scissors and add the slits on the punches so they will go over the disks in my binder.


Then I cut out a tab from the tops or sides for each one.

Placed them in my binder like this.


I wrote on mine with a sharpie, but you can add stickers and write on them if you choose to.

Here is the Green Tint in use:


(Because green is the color of money I am saving by keeping track of the bills…lol)

Here is the Red Tint in use:


Here is the Blue Tint in use:


Here is the Clear Frost in use: I used a Brush tip Sharpie to draw a quote on it for daily inspiration!


On the back side of the clear frost I stuck my sticky note pad to it so it will serve as a quick dashboard to jot notes on or whatever comes up at work or at home. (Shopping lists also go on here.)


Overall I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I did get a little crazy with the sharpie on the hole template and need to be neater on the next ones, but c’est la vie. I also made one from the Crystal Clear version of plastic but it is on my family information page and I can’t share it with you. 😛

I was able to cut out 3 dividers from each sheet of 11″x17″ plastic. For bigger binders it may only accommodate two.

Until next time,




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