Too much to do

Yes, I am admitting I have too much to do right now. Wow, time flies by when you busy. I haven’t had time to breathe I think. lol

Worked on wedding stuff the last few days, as well as new kits, and inventory at work, and I am just flat tired, but still got lots to get done before Christmas gets here.

I had several new items to my store the last few days. The Holly Dollar Days Sale is still going and there are 2 new items each day until the 25th for just $1 each! A great deal for some great kits, CU items, or fonts.

Here are some of my newest releases:


DGD_2015PhotoOverlayAlbum_02 DGD_2015PhotoOverlayAlbum_03 DGD_2015PhotoOverlayAlbum_04 DGD_2015PhotoOverlayAlbum_05 DGD_2015PhotoOverlayAlbum_06

I enjoy making these little albums to remember the highlights of the year at our house.

Next new kit is Winter Magic Kit:



A new font this past week as well: Tired Tuesday Font is a font that I made as I was sitting in line waiting for a few things. πŸ™‚

tired tuesday font

And a new kit in my favorite color! So I named it “My Favorite Shade”

DGD_myfavshade_01 DGD_myfavshade_02 DGD_myfavshade_03

And I am working on my CT pages as well. But I will post those in a day or two as I have much to do today! πŸ˜‰

Hugs all,


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