My moma’s Birthday Dinner!

This is Senorita Moma on her birthday….they wanted her to wear the hat while they sang, but she didn’t want to mess up her hair…lol
Happy 64th Birthday Mom!

This is my mom, my best friend Charlotte, Me, Tracy, Claude, and Cassie.

Cassie & Claude

Claude & Charlotte

Me, Cassie, & Charlotte

Claude, Me & Mom.

Claude, Me, Charlotte, & Mom.

Me & Charlotte…best firends since the 10th grade! (1985)

Me, Charlotte, & Moma

Charlotte & Mom

Tracy, Claude & Cassie.
We had a great time and ate way to much!
Plus I got to drive Charlotte’s WAY COOL 2007 Avalanche home from there…drives like a dream, costs more than my house….lol not quite, but way too close for me….
Well, I am off to pay bills and balance checkbook…..yuk…
Big hugs,
Love you all,

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