Merry Monday to you all…

I had a wierd and tiring day today…it was picture day at our school. So I made 6 trips across the length of the campus to deliver kids to the photographer, and then back to our class….I have had my share of excercise today…lol

And then I got home and had lots to do too, so I am sort of bummed that I missed the First To’s at DSS today. But wow there was some really great art shared on there.

Great kits for the lucky winners too!

I managed to scrap one page today. Wow….thats just sad…

But its a cute one….lol
I used Amy Fenner’s template and Bobbie M’s Haunted Kit to make it.
Impact and John Handy Fonts.
Well, I am headed to bed now…gotta get up early.

Thanks for following me!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Hummie says:

    I’m so far behind on my RSS reading! I absolutely love this layout!

  2. Ladynred says:

    Great LO. I love the bright color !

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