Are You Ready for this Season?

These holidays are sneaking up on us. I am doing my best to stay a little bit ahead of them. I know that my step-daughter’s wedding in December will throw all this planning aside and I will be behind again. lol But I do hope to stay ahead for my life and schedule things as far out as I can. (Wish me luck)

Have you been to some of the fabulous facebook groups lately? There are a couple that I frequent mainly because of the awesome folks on them, that I just enjoy talking to and sharing my pages with.

Some of my favorites right now are:

Learning Digital Scrapbooking— Hosted by Cheryl Brennecke, and full of great challenges from courses. (I have known this woman for several years online and she is a peach and so very giving of her time to help so many join in our wonderful hobby)★★★★★

Photoshop Scrapbookers — Hosted by Gail Golliher, a wonderful group of ladies who all share our pages and freebies we find on line. I have been digi-buddies with these ladies for many years as well and we all enjoy the company in this hobby.★★★★★

Digital Bible Journaling — Hosted by Cheryl Brennecke, a great site to follow on your souls journey as well as use those digital skills to illustrate it. ★★★★★

There are also many fan groups of designers, as well as stores. (As you can see I spend inordinate amounts of time online each day)(Don’t we all?) lol

Some of the great fan groups are:

Booland Designs Fan Page— For those who LOVE Boo! 🙂

GottaPixel Fan Page — For those who love

Stop by and join in the groups! 🙂

On my samples page today I added my December Desktop so you will have time to get some photos added and plop it on the desktop for December 2015!

Created by Digital Gator Designs

1920×1080 px.

1280x800 px.

1280×800 px.

Hugs all!

Have a great day!



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