A Bullet Journaling Adventure

Wanted to share my Bullet Journaling adventure with you this year. I have tried so many planners and ways to get organized with no success in them. But alas, I keep looking and I keep trying to find one that suits me. I tried MANY apps on my phone and tablet, and pc…with no success with those either. I am a huge procrastinator with a major chunk of depression most of the time and once I get behind during the depression then that gets me even more depressed because I start to feel really helpless…so that is my motivation to keep trying new things until I find one that helps me and does not make me feel pressured.

So I found the Bullet Journaling Method of planning, and I have to say that so far so good. I love it. It has given me freedom to roll with whatever conflicts with my days, (like life and illness) as well as letting me enjoy some of my artsy hobbies as well. I like to be organized but remain flexible and this system allows for that exact thing.

You can check out the original Bullet Journal Method here by Ryder Carrol. Then stop by Boho Berry Blog and see Kara Benz’s ideas on the subject. Then stop by here to see Tiny Ray of Sunshine Blog and see what Kim does with hers. And also stop by Kacheri’s blog called Passion Themed Life for more fun!

Here is what I started my year off with:

  • A notebook (I used inexpensive arc ring 360 one from Walmart)
  • Whatever paper you prefer in it. (I used a dotted grid that I made myself and printed out)
  • Whatever pens, markers, pencils, etc. that you like. (I have tons of favorites and will add them to the next post.)

Here is a pic of the binder I chose:

My binder for bullet journaling

My binder for bullet journaling

And here is the front page I printed out: With my info on it so if I lose it somewhere… 🙁

Front page

Front page

Then the first page is where I put my legend or key of marks for my pages:

Legend or Key

Legend or Key

Next are my Index Pages:

Index page at beginning of year

Index page at beginning of year

And what it looks like at the end of the month:

End of the month Index page

End of the month Index page

Then the next pages are my year at a glance calendar with my birthday and anniversary list: I printed these off and added them as well. (That is part of the reason I like the arc ring thing is I can add and remove page soooo easily)

Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Then my next page spread is my Beginning Month for the year 2016. I used the traditional bullet journal layout but I wasn’t as into it as I thought I would be.

January Page Spread 2016

January Page Spread 2016

On my notes section I wrote out some goals, but they should have been listed in the BIG Goals section for the year, not really for the month…they were more like resolutions for the year. Oh well, oopsie number 1. lol

Then I created a Brain Dump Page for odd ideas that I run across.

Brain Dump Page for ideas

Brain Dump Page for ideas

My next page I used as a Habit Tracker page for the things that I need to do everyday and I want to make sure they are done each day. Like take medicine, drink water, you might put exercise or any other things you want to make a habit of here.

Habit Tracker January 2016

Habit Tracker January 2016

This is how it looks at the end of the month: ( I used a different color for each day because it was pretty.)

January Habit Tracker for 2016

January Habit Tracker for 2016

You can use random pages for lists and tasks like these shown here:


List of lists I want to add in


Some of the Tasks I wanted to get done for January.


2nd page of tasks I want to do for January


Some overall big goals for January/2016


List of cool pens I saw on peoples Youtube videos and blog posts.


List of some instagram accounts I follow to get inspired for my bullet journal, handwriting, and drawing.


A book list of mine. The two that are half colored in are in progress atm.


Place to write down email addresses so I can remember to add them to my google account and such.

Task and List Pages

Task list for my blog posts…lol

I also created a bill list for the year to track what was paid and what day they are due, so I can try to conquer some of our finances…lol




Right hand page of bills


With color added and used for a month so far. (I blurred the info and amounts since that is my business…lol)


Page 2 filled in

Next I listed in my journal some fun challenges I wanted to participate in for the month. There are several of them to join in and I will add the links to them at the bottom of the post. 🙂




Brush Letter Challenge


January Planner Doodle Challenge


Passion Themed Life Doodle Challenge


Passion Themed Life Doodle Challenge


Passion Themed Life Doodle Challenge

And that is enough for now. I have tons more to say but this post is getting to be of epic proportions! So for now, join in some fun challenges and jump on it if you are thinking about the bullet journaling! 🙂

I also joined in several challenges to give my bullet journal some fun reasons to look at it everyday as well. Here are a few I played along with in January and this month for February. Hope you will join me! <3




Are you ready to #RockYourHandwriting? Dee @decadethirty, Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper, Kim @tinyrayofsunshine, and I have teamed up to bring a brand new Handwriting challenge to the Instagram community! We all have an immense love for putting pen to paper, and while there are many challenges out there geared towards hand lettering, this is the first to focus on your every day handwriting. Won’t you join us this February? To play along: 1. Post a photo each day along with your thoughts on that day’s prompt. 2. Use the hashtag #RockYourHandwriting so that we can all follow along. 3. Check in with the hashtag from time to time and ❤️, comment, and join in the conversation! 4. Repost this pic to spread the word! Who’s with us? (Link in Bio👆🏻) www.bohoberry.com/rock-your-handwriting-0216/ A photo posted by Kara | Boho Berry (@boho.berry) on

It starts today! Are you ready? 😁💕 #PlanInspiredFEB

A photo posted by C Y N T H I A (@cynthiasdesk) on



  Here we go…. Excited?? Let me explain how this is going to work – for each day of the month ahead I’ve chosen a prompt – you can either write the word itself, or use the word as a creative springboard and write something inspired by it (eg. for the first day, you could write blue, write using the colour blue, or write something that is blue). If you’re just joining in weekly, use the prompts that are in bold and post each Saturday (or post progress pics through the week and your final on Saturday). Feel free to elaborate on your image in the caption, and include what tools you used if you can – it’s fun to see what others are working with. 💙💙💙 Use the hashtag #togetherweletter and tag me on your posts. Let’s do this! (Well, tomorrow, it’s late here and I’m tired so it’s bed time….) I can’t wait to see what you create!!! xx   A photo posted by Melissa (Liss) Smith (@lissletters) on

And Brush Lettering too!


We start tomorrow!! Who’s in? 🌸💐🌷🌺💕🌹🌻🌼 Showcase your brush lettering skills and get to know other who share your love for brush lettering. How to join the challenge for free: Download and/or print the prompt graphic for this month. Post this graphic on Instagram or Twitter to let us know you’re joining along. Every day, share a picture or video of your brush lettering on Instagram, Twitter or Periscope using the hashtag #brushletterpracticechallenge. Check out other awesome people using the hashtag and leave them some likes and comments! Find out more at http://bit.ly/blpchallenge #brushlettering #brushscript #brushcalligraphy #learncalligraphy #learnbrushlettering #letteringdrills #brushpractice #moderncalligraphy #watercolorlettering #watercolorcalligraphy #letteringchallenge A photo posted by Olivia (@randomolive) on


It’s almost time for AlphaGet-to-know-me!! 🙌🙌 starting Feb 1st, each day we’ll use a letter in the alphabet as a prompt for words to handletter. I’ve chosen the words – all you need to do is letter your response, explain it further in the caption, and use the hashtag #alphagettoknowme so we can see your work 😊 We’ll be practicing our lettering at the same time as learning more about each other – two birds one stone! (see earlier post with my silly selfie for background info). We start off nice and easy with some cliché first date questions and then move into some interesting territory! I’ll explain each word when we get to it so don’t worry if you’re not sure what I’m asking of you yet. The purpose isn’t to letter these words above, but to use them as prompts to share something about you. Eg. A for Animal would be for you to handletter (and draw if you want, please feel free to include illustrations!) your favourite animal and include a little backstory in your caption. If you’re stuck for an answer or don’t feel comfortable sharing – you’re more than welcome to letter the word itself. Or, come up with a totally different word for that letter if you want! As long as you’ll be showcasing your work and telling us something about you, anything goes! Don’t forget to include the hashtag #alphagettoknowme so I can find your responses and learn all about ‘cha! If you have any questions about the challenge (or find a spelling mistake in the pic above…. I will die.) (P.s. colour has a ‘u’ in Australia😜) please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Otherwise I’m looking forward to Monday and learning more about y’all 😊! . . . . . #lettering #brushscript #brushlettering #handlettering #handwritten #handcrafted #art #craft #instadesign #design #handmade #type #typography #practice #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #calligraphypractice #learnbrushlettering #learnbrushscript #learncalligraphy #challenge #letteringchallenge #vector #alphabet #letter #brushcalligraphy A photo posted by black chalk collective // emma (@blackchalkco) on

Here are February doodles! 😊 I hope y’all enjoy! Don’t forget to #febdc16 💕

A photo posted by Inside My Planner 🌻 (@insidemyplanner) on




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