Hello and Welcome

Yes, here I am starting over again. I guess that is all well and good since we are a month away from a new year. {ha/ha}

But seriously, my website has been having issues for a while now and everything I did would crash it and render it useless again. So I decided to ask for help and found out my PHP was old and needed to be updated, but I had to change O/S for my site in order to update...so here I am.
The back end of the new site builder is pretty neat and very much odd from the previous one, so bear with me until I get everything back up and figured out.

I am working on a couple of new things. One will be a subscriber area for my digital planner peeps to grab some free swag that will match the planners I sell on Etsy.  And the second will be a place to grab other digital freebies for scrapbooking and planning alike.

Wish me luck, and keep checking back to see all the goodies! 🙂



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